A Few Updates

Hello X.H.

I made a few updates to the site.

  • Added the X.H. Shout Out box for live instant messaging.
  • Updated the current members list.
  • Added SSBU, DFZ, and Super Mario Party to the Games list.

Hoping we get some gaming sessions scheduled soon. More updates coming soon. Feel free to reach out for feature requests or social media links and drop us a line in the new Shout Box! Currently, anyone can post but this may change in the future.

Have a good day and game on!



Eat, sleep, game, repeat. Xbox: THUGHACHI Playstation: HAMSTER_KUSH Switch: THUGHACHI Steam: THUGHACHI


  1. Hey XH Family. I apologize for the lack of site usage. so many life related situations happened. I lost track of many things in the long run. That’s no longer the case. I’ve undergone a bit of a life changing epiphany and I intend to utilize this newfound viewpoint on my own life as a stepping stone for me to get back in gear. Thank you all for you love and support. I won’t let my dreams die and do nothing about it any longer.
    I plan to update this site weekly or any time I get the chance. This site was a gift to me from Thughachi and I don’t want it on the shelf any longer.

  2. What’s crackin’ XH
    I’m talking to all of you; not just my gamers.
    I hope you all are in a better headspace than you were in before. I pray you all make it out of the darkest parts of your day without so much as a scratch to your beautiful spirit. May we all rise to the occasion and meet our makers with the means to surpass them and the will to get it done.

  3. Sup XH. Big move in the works. My network out west is dwindling bad… I may end up taking my family back to the east coast. Nothing is certain yet. I’m stating where my head’s at. I’m also looking at any legal state close by for Jade Draconian’s sake xD (mine too but more so recreationally)

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