May Updates

Hello All! It’s been a while. THUG here with a few site updates.

• I’ve added the official XH TikTok stream to our home page. If you haven’t subscribed yet please do. Get some gaming sessions in with M1GHTYMAIKI (NUMBA9TEEN) to be featured!

• I’ve added a few details for our upcoming tournament (Ultimate Smash Bash 2024 ). I haven’t received an exact time for the event but I will add it once it’s announced. The event is in honor of M1GHTYMAIKI’s birthday so don’t miss out ☻

• If any members would like to showcase their gaming achievements in our members showcase, sign up for an account at (it’s free) and pass along your gamercard info.

• Regular site maintenance and boring behind the scenes stuff. We are still growing and I am excited to see what 2024 holds for Xiaolin Hustle!

Game on fam ♥




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