May Updates

Hello All! It’s been a while. THUG here with a few site updates. • I’ve added the official XH TikTok stream to our home page. If you haven’t subscribed yet please do. Get some gaming sessions in with M1GHTYMAIKI (NUMBA9TEEN) to be featured! • I’ve added a few details for our upcoming tournament (Ultimate Smash… Continue reading May Updates

Hey XH Family!

Hey XH Family. I apologize for the lack of site usage. so many life related situations happened. I lost track of many things in the long run. That’s no longer the case. I’ve undergone a bit of a life changing epiphany and I intend to utilize this newfound viewpoint on my own life as a… Continue reading Hey XH Family!

Registration is Open

Hello Everyone, Xiaolin Hustle is now accepting new members! Apply at the link below. Good luck and game on! Register Here

A Few Updates

Hello X.H. I made a few updates to the site. Added the X.H. Shout Out box for live instant messaging. Updated the current members list. Added SSBU, DFZ, and Super Mario Party to the Games list. Hoping we get some gaming sessions scheduled soon. More updates coming soon. Feel free to reach out for feature… Continue reading A Few Updates

Game On

Our website is finally up and running. Here you will find the latest news, events, and general doings of Xiaolin Hustle. Expect more updates soon and as always, game on.